God’s plans will always be greater and more beautiful than all your disappointments.

Most of y’all know how much life has challenged me this year. My plans have changed and my life have changed within the time span of a week – I’m no longer on the path to become a nurse. Upon realizing that my life was changing in such a drastic way – a path that I’ve been planning to succeed in for the past 6 years is just suddenly gone – how God could suddenly change my life around with the flash of a moment. How everything I’ve ever worked for was just suddenly reduced to tears and pain. But in that moment, I was seeing God show me a different path – teaching – I’d still get to work with children and I’d get to see them grow; both in life and learning. I’d get to see them grow from tiny little kindergartners to {hopefully} high school and beyond – much like many of my teachers who have made an impact on my life and are still seeing me grow beyond my years.

Nursing school was challenging – full of tears, and happiness, and excitement and sorrow. Of holding newborns to taking care of those who were wise beyond their years but were spending their days in a hospital bed with illnesses and crepitations. Oh, how I loved taking care of these wonderful patients! And how I loved learning from these wonderful teachers as well! I learned more about myself and the kind of person that I want to be from  listening to these people – their lectures full of life and and laughter, bringing joy to future nurses everywhere by showing us how even though life is difficult, that there’s always something to be joyous about! I loved learning the things I was learning – from med-surg to pediatrics. I learned things that I can use when I have kids of my own.  During the past year, I have learned so many valuable life lessons. Truth to be told, my heart is still sad – I’d love nothing more than to hold babies all day and take care of them so that they would grow wise and strong, like I’ve been planning to do since I was a little girl. But the other part of my heart is still joyous because I get to see these little children absolutely grow through teaching – I’d get to see the lightbulbs go off in their little heads. I’d get to see them grow into adults who are learning to love and be loved. I’d get to see them have children of their own who will probably have me as a teacher someday. I’d get to see that.

I strongly believe that the people I’ve met this year – both my classmates and teachers – have molded me into the person I was supposed to be. I just didn’t know it yet. They listened to me rant and cry and whine about how hard nursing school is. They listened to me freak out when I didn’t think I could do it. They listened to my joy when I passed a nerve-wracking exam because I had been having trouble when they were excelling. They supported me. And loved me. They cheered for me. They basked in my sorrow when things didn’t turn out the way that I (and everybody else) wanted it to. They shared the stress and the pain and the freak-out sessions with me. We were in this together.

And now, I’m staring a new path. A new life. And as much as I wish I were walking this beautiful path with them, I will be okay. Because every single one of them will make incredible nurses. Just like I will be an incredible teacher. I have SO much faith in them and my heart soars to know that God has called them on that path. I would never  be the one to tell you that at in any given day, I wouldn’t want to have any one of them to be my nurse. Because I trust each and every single one of them with my life. My heart will always be filled with joy to see them advance throughout their nursing career. If there is anything that I’ve learned during my time in nursing school, it’s that they are working towards the hardest job in the world to have. They are working for the pain of losing a patient, but more than that, they are working for the sheer joy of taking care of people because they have the heart and the compassion to do it. They are working excruciating 12 hour shifts so that you can be with your family. They put their heart and joy into what they do so that new life breathes.


To all of my friends: I just wish I were walking through this part of life with you. I can’t wait to see where life takes you. I am so incredibly proud of each and every single one of you. Because caring is your calling.


2 thoughts on “God’s plans will always be greater and more beautiful than all your disappointments.

  1. Lindsay says:

    Why did you decide to switch to teaching? I’m currently a Biomedical Science major with hopes of becoming a PA one day but sometimes I contemplate switching majors.

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